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All about Oxycodone 80mg ER Tablets

Oxycodone 80 mg is primarily used for relieving pain. However, it is advised to take the drug only with thorough prescription of the doctors. People with allergic tendencies should clearly mention about the same to the doctors prior going for it. In fact, one should also tell clearly about the foods they are allergic about to the doctors. Sometimes the doctors ask about the nature of allergies or the way of their appearance as well.

Important aspects about the drug:

Though one can buy Oxycodone 80 mg tablet online, it is always suggested to take it as per the prescription of the therapists. People having lung or similar breathing issues should let the doctors know about the same. Those having asthma like issues should also contact the therapists.

The drug should be taken by the mouth; it is strictly avoided to take it in the form of injections. In fact, one should not break it using teeth, swallow, or chew as well. Doing this may lead to severe side effects. It is here to mention that this medicine is not for the instant pain relief. In fact, it is also not the medicine to be taken for getting relief from the after-surgery pains. It is recommended not to make the tablet wet prior using. In fact, one should take good amount of water while swallowing the tablet; it is not recommended to swallow it without water.

Side effects:

Though the side effects associated with the drug is generally not lethal, but can be painful up to many extents. Rather than waiting too much, it is advised to contact doctors upon coming across with any kind of side effect or symptoms. To be specific, the symptoms like itches, swelling, fever, difficulties in breathing, etc should never be ignored. People with constipation issues should also tell doctor about such issues while being prescribed.


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